"Start where you are.

          Use what you have.

                    Do what you can."


The path that led me to health coaching had been paved with one hurdle after another.  I was sick for as long as I could remember, and was in a constant struggle with chronic fatigue, random body pain, visual disturbances, and a host of other strange and troubling symptoms that no one could explain.  Over the years, I would see so many doctors and have so many tests that I lost track.  I would often joke about my willingness for more poking and prodding  and my eagerness in trying new medications, but in the end, would only feel worse than before.   At that point, I considered myself a professional lab rat!   Years would go by with increased weakness and numbness in my legs before I was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and later, chronic lyme disease.  With a poor prognosis of regaining any of the strength and energy I had lost over the years, I was handed a sentence – take multiple pills and injections every day for the rest of your life or risk further disability.  By then, I had reached my breaking point and was exhausted, frustrated, and plain fed-up!  I felt that if I were to have any chance at regaining my health, I would need to focus on the hurdles themselves rather than go around them with medications and take a closer look at and explore the healing benefits of natural medicine and diet.

I had never been one to back down from any challenge, and my motivation to recover was fueled by the prospect of being able to pursue the goals I had established in life and to one day feel alive again.  At that point, I decided that it would no longer be a dream, but a plan.  I immersed myself in books, videos, seminars, and online research. Whatever I could get my hands on!  I read tirelessly in the hopes of gaining insight into emerging and recovering from what felt like a lifetime of illness.  Making that transition took time......years, a lot of experimentation, and further development in my nutrition studies.  Through the healing powers of nutrition and herbal medicine, and the incorporation of new routines,  I was able to put my symptoms into remission and regain my health.  


I'm enjoying life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  When I'm not outdoors, I'm spending my time experimenting in the kitchen, reading books on health and black holes, whipping up herbal concoctions for the family and dogs, and sketching infinite abstract nothings.  I'm a huge fan of epigenetics and believe you harness the power in achieving better health by optimizing your gene function with healthy eating, routine detoxing, and a healthy lifestyle.  Having bad genes doesn't mean illness is your destiny!   No matter what health looks like for you, getting started shouldn't be intimidating, restrictive, or complicated.  By starting where you are, using what you have, and doing what you can, you're taking the first step in your path to achieving greater health.   


My connection with you is key so here's 

a handful of absolutely random things about me....

  • I grew up in Tampa Florida, but in between California and Seattle, have been living the West Coast dream for the past 20 years

  • I would describe myself as creative, quirky, and unconventional

  • My favorite city I've visited is Stockholm

  • I love British comedy, humor, and parody

  • East Asian Cuisine is my favorite and I can eat Korean food every day for the rest of my life

  • My MBTI personality type is INFP

  • As a child I loved playing in dirt and keeping pet frogs and lizards

  • My guilty pleasure is gummy bears - it's a texture thing

  • Over the years, I've played the flute, clarinet, violin, piano, and guitar.  

  • According to my 23andMe, I have very high odds of disliking cilantro. It's my favorite herb.

  • The sun, summer, and beach best describe my happy place

  • My zodiac sign is Aquarius with my sun in Capricorn, and my moon in Sagittarius 

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