Life is hard. Taking care of our bodies shouldn't have to be!


Are you constantly jumping from one illness to the next with no recovery time in between? On top of feeling worn down and sluggish, you're also experiencing anxiety, fatigue, depression, and digestive issues. This is your body messaging you that it has reached its toxin limit and that it's time for a cleanse!


An overload of toxins in our systems promotes chronic inflammation that can cause a whole host of nasty symptoms including:


• Brain fog and fatigue

• Joint and muscle pain

• Body odor

• Constipation and bloating

• Food cravings

• Chemical sensitivities

• Dark circles under eyes

• Anxiety and depression

• Sleep issues

• Mood swings

• Allergies and sinus issues

• Skin issues

• Headaches

• Menstruation pain

• Autoimmune disorders


Set your immunity back on track by enhancing your body's own natural defense system!


If you're tired of being sick and tired or simply want to incorporate a new way of eating in support of a healthier lifestyle, let me help you jumpstart your new you with my 7 Day Immunity Cleanse!


Available year round with seasonal menus and in your choice of Paleo, Vegan, or Whole-foods diets. *Includes 14 individual servings (7 day supply) of Reset & Renew ImmuniTEA (an herbal cleansing tea to be used in conjunction with your cleanse)


Benefits you can expect during your Immunity Cleanse may include:


• Increased nutrient absorption

• Improved digestion

• Increased metabolism

• Reduced cravings

• Clearer skin

• Better sleep

• Sustained energy

• Elevated mood

• Enhanced Immune support

• Reduced Inflammation

• Weigtht loss


You will be provided with everything needed to get started on your new path to wellness inside of your beautifully illustrated and full color downloadable PDF manual with over 100 pages including:


Cleanse Guidebook:

Full of tips on how to cleanse and detox safely and effectively, ways to practice Mindful and Intuitive Eating, a Where Are My Toxins Coming From list, a Best Foods For Your Gut cheat sheet, suggested supplements, and optional therapies to get the most out of your cleanse!


Cleanse Workbook:

Measure and track your toxicity and inflammation levels with a before and after cleanse quiz


Suggested Meal Plan And Shopping List:

An easy to follow day-by-day guide that helps you take the guesswork out of what to eat and buy and helps you spend limited time shopping.


Recipe Guide:

Carefully selected, delicious, and easy-to-follow recipes with limited and interchangeable ingredients throughout all meals that will reduce your inflammation and improve your digestion all while supporting enhanced immune function.

*All menu recipes are dairy and gluten-free.


Reset & Renew ImmuniTEA:

14 individual servings (7 day supply) of my delicious hand crafted and 100% organic herbal Vanilla. Coconut, and Lemongrass tea to enhance and support your liver function, digestion, and aid in toxin removal.

*Tea bags are made from Non-GMO Manilla Hemp and are 100% compostable


E-mail Support And One 30 Minute Private Coaching Call:

For love, accountability, motivation and support because we can all use some of that!


After purchasing this digital downloadable guide, your 7 day supply of Reset & Renew ImmuniTEA will be shipped via priority mail within 24 hrs of purchase. To schedule your 30 minute coaching call, please submit a request through my contact page .


Thanks and happy cleansing!

7 Day Paleo Cleanse


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