Ultimate Detox Bath How-to

Creating a great detox bath begins with good, clean water!

First -

Neutralize chlorine by adding one heaping tablespoon of asorbic acid to hot bath water and allow to dissolve.

Added benefits? Absorb extra vitamin C through your skin for enhanced immune support!


Bind heavy metals like lead and iron, by adding 1/4 cup of liquid bentonite clay (or 4 tablespoons dry and pre-mixed in warm water) to bath and incorporate thoroughly. Added benefits? It unclogs your pores to remove impurities and toxins out of your skin!

Third -

Soften your skin from all those harsh and drying minerals in your hard water like calcium and sulfates by adding 1/2 cup of aluminum-free baking soda.

Added benefits? Calm rashes, sunburn, and itchy skin while soaking!

Voila! Now time for the fun stuff!

First -

Choose some salts! Full of healing minerals and essential nutrients, choose one of the following:

Himalayan Salts to balance your ph, draw toxins out through your skin, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, support your respiratory tract, and lower blood pressure.

Dead Sea Salts to boost immune system, improve circulation, increase energy, balance electrolytes, reduce mucus, and support bone strength.

Epsom Salts to flush out heavy metals, reduce inflammation and pain, increase magnesium levels, relieve constipation, and reduce stress.


Choose some oils! Aside from smelling really, REALLY good, get therapeutic relief by adding one or more of these powerful essential oils to support your body's natural detoxification through your liver, skin, colon, and kidneys. Here are some of my favorites:

Rosemary oil to provide relief from muscle pain, allergies, nausea, IBS symptoms, and as an antimicrobial for skin conditions.

Basil oil to reduce inflammation, relieve congestion, soothe hair and skin, reduce stress, reduce fatigue, and help relieve headaches.

Lemongrass oil to relieve muscle pain, soothe your colon, reduce inflammation, reduce fever, and as an anti-fungal for yeast.

Lemon oil to soothe skin eruptions, stimulate lymphatic drainage to remove toxins, improve digestion, and as an antimicrobial against harmful bacteria.

Bath time!

To prevent your essential oils from pooling and sitting on the surface of your bath water instead of getting absorbed into your body, mix your oil(s) of choice into your salts prior to adding them to your bath. You can do this in advance and store your oiled salts in glass mason jars for later use.


New to using essential oils in your bath? Start slow, and gradually increase number of oil drops as your body adjusts to detoxing.

Add 2-4 drops of your favorite essential oils per cup of bath salts.

Dissolve 2-4 cups of oiled salts in hot bath water .

Relax, and enjoy!

*Not advised for women who are pregnant or lactating. If you have any health issues, consult your physician prior to beginning any detox regimen.

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