Oh Coconut Milk. How I love thee!

Sub or add coconut milk in your favorite recipes and prepare for a new and unexpected flavor explosion! It contains loads of a medium chain fatty acid called lauric acid consisting of saturated fats (the good ones!) that your body uses for energy. And aside from it's ability to lower cholesterol, it's full of good-for-you vitamins and minerals. Just one cup of coconut milk contains 110% of your daily dose of the mineral Maganese which is an antioxidant powerhouse! And if that weren't enough, Maganese helps with the absorption of calcium which helps prevent osteoporosis and builds bone mass that helps naturally balance hormones. Ready for some coconut milk goodness? Here's a few fun ways to add it to foods you're already eating -


Pour some full fat coconut milk over prepared oatmeal for some creamy hearty goodness. Topped with fruit, you'll think you're having dessert for breakfast!


Combine coconut milk with cooked butternut squash and puree. Add a little cinnamon, and bada-bing! Sweet, thick, and creamy soup that your tummy will love.


Add coconut milk to your favorite store-brought curry blend (I just love green!), and drown whatever else you add to it!


Pour full fat coconut milk into your favorite coffee beverage for a creamy and satisfying drink whether hot or cold!


Combine coconut milk with your favorite juices or use by itself sweetened with dates for a cool, sweet, and refreshing summer treat!


Use coconut milk in your favorite tapioca pudding recipe, and prepare for greatness. Don't forget a pinch of vanilla, salt, and cinnamon!


Sub coconut milk for water or almond milk in your favorite protein smoothies for a creamier and thicker version that will keep you fuller longer.


Finish off cooked Jasmine rice by mixing coconut milk in it for a delicious Caribbean flavor. Top with sliced mango and cooked red bell pepper!

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