Gaining greater health through relationships

Just as important as the food we eat, the relationships we have with others can significantly improve our health. Having a fulfilling social life can even boost longevity and reduce mortality by up to 50%!

By investing in relationships, we avoid loneliness that has been found to have a direct effect on the development of heart disease. How can you boost your social life? Here are some ways to get started:

1. Join a neighborhood or community group that interests you such as Meetup or Volunteer Match

2. Stay connected and reach out by putting in the effort to contact a friend or loved one

3. Accept invitations to social gatherings even when you feel you'd rather stay in bed and watch Netflix

4. Host events. Invite a friend over for a cup of tea or your new neighbors over for a weekend brunch

5. Get outside more often! Meet new people when taking Fido for a walk or strike up conversation with vendors at your local farmers market

6. Don't fear rejection. Build confidence in new relationships through practice and not settling. Find friends that work for you.

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