Eat this. Not that.

By making a few simple and nutritious food swaps, you can easily begin balancing your blood sugar, gain more energy, sleep better, reduce joint pain, and even loose a little weight. Try these easy swaps in your journey to better eating!

1) Use Cauliflower instead of Rice

Cut carbs and avoid blood sugar spikes by throwing some cauliflower in your food processor and pulsing it until it has a rice texture. Try it in fried rice recipes or add some taco seasoning for a yummy veggie taco filling!

2 ) Eat Sweet Potatoes instead of White Potatoes

Nightshades are a plant group that consists of tomatoes, peppers, white potatoes, eggplants, goji berries and some spices that contain a chemical compound known as glycoalkaloids which when consumed, can cause problems with a person’s digestive system, leading to inflammatory problems, intestinal disorders, and digestive upset. Those with autoimmune disease find they feel much better and have less symptoms while avoiding them. Instead of white potatoes, use sweet potatoes as a substitute for oven baked fries, casseroles, or in this delicious anti-inflammatory soup recipe.

3) Use Almond Butter instead of Peanut Butter

Lower in carbs, higher in fiber, and 7 times more calcium than peanuts, spread this creamy goodness over some raw veggies, eat it straight out of the jar, or add in a yummy breakfast smoothie!

4) Eat Wild Caught Fish instead of Farm Raised

Packed tightly into tiny sized pens, farmed seafood is pumped full of antibiotics and pesticides to combat disease and ward off sea lice - no thanks! In the process, those same antibiotics and pesticides are leached into our oceans posing a huge environmental threat to our ecosystem. Farmed fish contain up to 50% less omega-3 fats due to genetically modified fish feed consisting of corn, soy, and flour. Avoid wild caught King Mackerel, Ahi Tuna, and Swordfish as they contain some of the highest amounts of mercury and enjoy wild Salmon, freshwater Trout, and Atlantic and Pacific Mackerel as healthy low mercury choices. (click here for a full list of healthy and sustainable seafood)

5) Zuccchini Noodles instead of Pasta

Avoid feeling bloated and sluggish after eating by subbing Zucchini noodles in any of your pasta dishes. Low carb, high in nutrients, and full of anti-inflammatory properties, try them raw in a salad, in your favorite soup, or tossed into this to-die-for creamy avocado pesto!

Zucchini noodles

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