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Ready for real change in managing your health?

You have the power, and it all starts right here.

Whether you’re dealing with a chronic health condition or simply trying to improve your overall health and wellness, finding the right tools and motivation for change can be a struggle.


As your coach, I'll inspire you in discovering your own health solutions through achieving your goals while providing insight, accountability, and guidance along the way. 


By using simple, practical, and sustainable living, health, and wellness techniques, you can make a significant and positive impact on your health outcome.


I believe you're truly unique and what works for someone else may not work for you.  No matter what your specific goals may be, we'll use tailored strategies in making successful and long-term changes towards your healing and path to well being.  

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What I Specialize In

Gut Health


Immune System Function



Positive Mind-Set
Behavior Change

Chronic Illness



Lyme Disease Management 


Preventive Care

Green Living

 Toxin Reduction

Cleanse and Detox Programs 


Herbal Support


Anti-inflammatory and

Autoimmune Diets and


How We Do It

  • Create long-term and sustainable health habits 

  • Improve your elimination, digestion, and overall gut health

  • Identify food sensitivities and how they affect you

  • Develop a new mindset on what health means to you

  • Recognize how your relationships impact what you eat

  • Implement a diet and lifestyle unique and supportive to your genetic makeup

  • Tame your cravings

  • Reduce your toxin exposure

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Increase your energy and improve your focus

  • Manage and reduce chronic stress

  • Build confidence around your ability to heal

  • Implement better sleep habits

  • Improve your mood through food

  • Increase nutrient density in your diet

  • Eat with intention to improve overall health

  • Effectively communicate your health needs and wants 

  • Implement and adhere to your treatment plan

  • Accomplish goals that improve your health

Ivette created a custom plan for me that included foods that would help me detoxify my body from the garbage that was keeping it from running smoothly. ... Ivette is my go-to health guru and I recommend her to people all the time.

- Derrick

Ivette helped me devise an eating and cleansing plan that would help repair and support my gut issues and calm down my hyperactive and sensitive immune system. They really have made a big difference! 

- Anika

Ivette made recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes that have made a big difference in Liam's energy levels and focus.  His grades have improved and so has his depression. I am so relieved!

- Shana & Liam


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